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Are you planning a weekend in Florence ? There are many guidebooks, homepages and literature but how many really tell you what you need to know?

All of us when we are visiting a new city (especially for a weekend or even just for a few days) ask ourselves questions like “….where is the most typical restaurant?.....which areas shouldn’t I miss?...” wouldn’t it be great to have a friend from that city … well, here i'm.

Because there is no one better than someone who has lived in this beautiful city for generations to tell you, pardon, to suggest to you, what is best for you to see and do. Just to give you an idea, it would be easy to make a list of what to do “visit the Uffizi” (a must-see if you are interested and just in case, reserve now your Uffizi tickets !)

But spending a weekend in Florence also means exploring other places equally as magical but where you don’t need to pay for an entrance ticket. I want to show you glimpses of panoramas, history and curiosities in this unique and timeless city of the world.

Arno in Florence

Sunset on the Golden Arno

Imagine you are walking down the streets of Florence looking for the best restaurant to taste a real ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’ you know the name of the restaurant but you can’t find it. You decide to ask an old man passing by for directions. You tell him the name of the restaurant but he might not understand you and with wide open eyes he will ask you in his best Florentine dialect “….oh icchè tu cerchi ??… ” Of course if you know the restaurant owner's nick name, maybe…. I know “that” nickname !!

This is why you need me during your weekend.

I'm not just going to tell you what Florence has to offer, i will experience it with you and together you will be stupefied perhaps by walking on the city center streets or sipping on a cocktail on a terrace just a few meters from ‘Cupola del Brunelleschi’.

You don’t want to leave anymore… and who said that you only have to stay for a weekend ? Find and easily book online now your perfect accomodation in Florence and stay as long as you need...

Follow me and i will guide you, like the real Florentines that we are, during your weekend in Florence !!




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